How can I obtain the mentorship ID?

The Step-by-Step to Get Mentorship Access Guide

Accessing mentorship is a crucial stride in the journey of learning and development. The GMG Community offers an effortless route for mentors to connect with mentees and share valuable insights. Here’s your all-encompassing manual for scheduling appointments on the GMG platform.

Step 1: Mentorship section

Navigate to the mentorship settings and modify the access type to become a mentor.

Step 2: Change the setting to Yes

Set the Access to Yes and proceed to update the setting. Go to GMG Specific, and scroll down to enable the mentor option by selecting Yes.

Navigate to the section and click the Update button.

Step 3: Provide the information to get the mentorship ID

Complete the form within the mentorship section to obtain a mentorship ID and receive verification from GMG admin.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll need to wait for GMG Admin to verify your mentorship access.

Step 3: Following the conclusive verification, you will be able to view the Mentor ID, and now you can proceed to access the Update for new Appointments

Now, upon obtaining the mentorship ID, a member can select you and arrange a meeting for mentorship.

Embrace mentorship within the GMG Community and embark on a continual learning and development journey.

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