How can I schedule a mentoring session with the mentor?

The Step-by-Step Appointment Booking Guide

Engaging in mentorship is an important step toward learning and growth. The GMG Community provides a seamless pathway to connect with mentors and gain insights. Here’s your comprehensive guide to booking appointments within the GMG platform.

Logging In and Accessing Your Dashboard

Upon logging in to your GMG account, navigate to your dashboard, your control center for community interactions.

Exploring Members and Mentor Selection

At the top right corner, locate and click on the ‘Members’ button.

Initiating Appointment Booking

Once on the mentor’s profile, you’ll find a ‘Schedule a Call’ option. Alternatively, visit their profile to learn more about their expertise.

 This opens a window showcasing available mentors. Select the mentor you wish to schedule a session. You can also explore their profiles.

Selecting Date, Time, and Timezone

When scheduling, choose from the available dates provided by the mentor. Select a suitable time slot and ensure you’ve chosen the correct timezone to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Finalizing the Booking

Upon selecting your desired date and time, proceed by clicking the ‘Book Appointment’ button to confirm your session.

Viewing Booked Appointments

Your dashboard will display the booked appointment, allowing you to track and manage upcoming sessions effortlessly.

Booking a mentorship session on GMG is an intuitive process designed to facilitate meaningful connections. Remember, effective mentorship begins with preparation and engagement. Utilize the booked session to seek guidance, share insights, and build a valuable mentor-mentee relationship.

Explore various mentors within the GMG platform, book appointments regularly, and leverage the collective wisdom available to enrich your journey. Mentorship is a two-way street; be proactive in your engagement and maximize the benefits of these invaluable sessions.

Embrace mentorship within the GMG Community and embark on a journey of continual learning and development.

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